London Sound Project


LSP is a friendly community-led choir in North London, performing contemporary songs with a pro-band.



sam sommerfeld

Musical Director

© Alice the Camera 2015

© Alice the Camera 2015

Sam is the driving force of both the musical and artistic direction of LSP.

He graduated from Leeds College of Music in 2014, where he studied classical piano. But he’s not just a pianist by trade… he’s a conductor, vocal arranger and music director. Sam is a great big breath of fresh air when it comes to rehearsals and gigs. His passion, energy and humour are infectious – we certainly have a lot of fun every Wednesday night!

Below is an insight to Sam’s musical training, his career, as well as his role as MD of LSP.

As is normally the way in this industry, most of my training comes from sitting in pits and rehearsal rooms observing other MDs at work, and getting stuck in. 

There are three main stages to the LSP process:

  • Choosing and arranging the songs for the group
  • Rehearsing the band and choir - this is where the fun happens
  • Performing at the gigs  

 Arranging for LSP is like throwing paint at a blank canvas and seeing what sticks.  More often than not, arrangements and ideas work well, but sometimes they don’t - it's all part of the fun in our rehearsals!  We throw a bunch of superb musicians into the mix - changing things as we go - it’s great fun and keeps us all on our toes. The sound evolve from the dots on the page as we go and I strongly encourage the choir to tell a story as they sing - storytelling and feel is key.

 I listen to a broad spectrum of music, from classical, pop, rock to jazz etc. I am always looking for inspiration and new listening. For my desert island disc, I would have to bring with me a mix of Maria Schneider, Peter Gabriel, Sting, David Bowie and Joni Mitchell.